Helping organizations improve their ability to recruit, engage and develop the workforce at all levels using strengths assessment, objective key results (OKRs) and continuous feedback.

Importance of Human Capital

In the new global economy, the value of organizations is no longer determined by product inventory or market exclusivity. When information can be disseminated in nanoseconds, competitive advantages deriving from technological innovation are short lived.

This means that the primary sustained competitive advantage of any organization in the 21st century is its people. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicates that over 75% of a company's value is tied up in its human capital. Unlike equipment and inventory, the quality of employees can appreciate in value with time, but only when treated with respect and wisdom.

The shrinking world makes interpersonal communication and teamwork skills essential, as regional and even continental barriers disappear for both a company's workforce and its market. Diversity is no longer just a feel-good HR department term, it's a business essential.

Diversity refers to more than such skin-deep observables as gender, race, or ethnicity. An organization, which embraces the diverse ways in which individual employees perceive the world and make decisions based on their perceptions will, simply stated, better understand business realities and make better decisions.

Tempust Features

The Tempust Enterprise People Management solution employs cognitive behavioral science across three primary feature areas that empower leaders and engage the workforce at all levels

Know Your People

Continuous Assessment

  • Personality Type
  • Behavioral traits
  • Skill strengths
  • 360° leadership reviews
  • Role & function IQ
  • Job satisfaction
  • Position & role matching

Motivate Your People

Real-time Performance Management

  • Mission & goal reinforcement
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
  • Key Result (KR) comfort ratings
  • KR metric linking & rollup
  • Productivity reports
  • Merit scoring, voting & rewards
  • Performance risk analysis

Talk to Your People

Responsive Messaging

  • Company & team broadcasts
  • Private & group messaging
  • Follow up notifications
  • Assessment & survey alerts
  • Motivatonal messages
  • Templates & auto-actions
  • Works with popular chat apps

Feature Highlights

Organizational Position View with Assigments, Objectives and Key Results

Track organization hierarchy, positions, assigned users, objectives and key results (OKRs) with Tempust's powerful organization tree view. Tempust's unique organizational modeling fatures enable HR professionals and department managers to manage position assignments, open positions and view real-time key result performance metrics.

Tempust's organization modeling and low cost Tempust NA (Non-Active) user license option, enable all users in the company to be included in the org tree and position recruiting candidates to be included in Tempust's postion matching and global resource directory.

Ongoing Assessments

Personality assesssments, objective completion recaps, collaborative restrospectives, work surveys, competency exams and suggestion requests are just a few examples of assessments that provide valuable insights and trends used to improve the overwall work experience for both leaders and the workforce at large.

Tempust Pro makes it easy for leadership coaches or organizations to customize or create any type of survey or assessment with existing support for many types of leardership and performance management methodolgies such as The Leadership Circle, Balanced Scorecard and others. Self assessment as well as boss, bosses boss, peer, subordinate and collaborator reviews provide a 360 degree view with detailed analytics that can be rerun periodically to gauge progresssion and flag relevant patterns regarding challenges or achievement.

Objectives and Key Results

Track personal, company and project objectives and result measures by month, quarter, annual or custom time frames. Tempust is unique in fostering egagement, teamwork and collaboration by automatically matching the top people in the company to objective skill and trait requirements. Invite them to collaborate with a single click and than use real-time messaging to send questions or requests for advice. Collaborators are rewarded in credits for accepting a collaborator role with additional awards for each message response.

Metric actuals can be easily linked with popular cloud-based services such as Salesforce.com, Workday, Netsuite and Microsoft Azure as well as integrated directly with backoffice systems such as SAP and Oracle or input manually to get started.

Real-time Messaging

Use Tempust's integrated real-time messaging features for private or group communications with co-workers. Tempust messaging integrates with many popular messaging apps such as Slack or Skype so you can continue to use your favorite messaging apps and messages will automatically show up in Tempust.

Easily invite anyone to collaborate on a project or objective simply by sending an email invite or create personal tasks by default that aren't visible to anyone but you to keep all objectives, milestones and tasks organized and in one place.

About Us

The Tempust team is comprised of leaders in the fields of cognitive behavioral science, psychology, machine learning and enterprise software with a common vision and belief that cognitive behavioral science, machine learning and modern technology can be applied to quantitatively transform the way organizations recruit, empower, engage, motivate and develop their people.

Acording to a recent Gallup survey, over 67% of all employees in the US are disengaged and therefore less likely to be productive. Typical organizational coaching methodologies and strategies today target the leardership of the company in a top-down approach. Tempust provides powerful tools to develop leaders but differs in also providing a bottom-up approach that values, motivates, empowers and supports the workforce at every level.


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Behaviors Patterned


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